Then and Now…….


For this quest I had the pleasure of interviewing my mother who identified the following as pop culture during the 60’s. Mom said this project brought back a lot of good memories 🙂


The Beatles Music

beatles The songs Hey Jude and Let It Be were Mom’s 2 favorites . As a young married couple, my mother and father listened to their music.Being an immigrant from England herself, this uber popular legendary musical rock band of British blokes were of particular interest to Mom. My father was born in a town very close to Liverpool where the Beatles are from so they were both particularly fond of The Beatles Music:)


Polyester Leisure Suits-

l suit640px-LeisureSuitConvention4

These polyester suits were hugely popular in the 1960’s. My dad was always quite the dresser, and with one of these babies and a pair of chunky heels he was really stylin’ back then! Whether he was going to work or going out for a night of dancing or partying with Mom, he was sure to be wearing one of these pop culture fashion threads.


Drive in Movies


This form of entertainment was popular in the 1960’s and my Mom and Dad loved taking us kids to the Drive In movies . Mom has fond memories of when her and my Dad used to sneak us young kiddos in under the blankets in the back seat so us kiddos would get in for free, they did not have much money back then so this made for an inexpensive night of family fun.


Ballroom Dancing


This was a very popular kind of dance when Mom and Dad were dating, and they loved partaking in this romantic and stylish type of dancing, especially at New Years Eve Parties. Ballroom Dancing was a wonderful adult activity which they continued into the child rearing years, and they never missed ringing the New Year with a little sophisticated booty shaking.


Slinky Toy


The history of the famous Slinky :

Slinky was a huge hit of a toy in the 1960’s and beyond.  This popular toy has a special meaning for Mom because she used to work for the Company in Chicago that made them! With over 300 million sold since it was first produced , this seemingly useless toy is definitely part of our popular culture !


These are some of MY favorite Pop Culture things :

The Rolling Stones Music

stoneswild horses rs

With over 66 million records sold and sold out concerts, The Rolling Stones are definitely a big part of the Pop Culture music genre. One of my very favorite songs by them is called Wild Horses, pretty low key compared to some of their other big hits like Satisfaction or Jumping Jack Flash!


Fashion : Jeggings !


I love them because they are more fashionable than Levis and more comfortable than skinny Jeans…so Jeggings are the ticket for me 🙂 They are so popular that even Beyoncé wears them ! ……so you know they will go down in history as a part of our Pop Culture Fashion if she sometimes adorns her bod with these awesome alternative to Jeans.


Netflix Movies


Call me lazy or even cheap, but my husband and I find this super popular way to watch a huge variety of movies about twice a week for about 8 bucks a month. We don’t even have to go to Redbox twice for each flick! To be able and choose from the thousands of movie offerings online and have them delivered directly to our mailbox, now that is really awesome and convenient! With over 100,000 DVD titles and over 50 million members in 40 countries, I would say Netflix is a member of todays pop culture !



sb cupsb chart

Okay so we don’t go Ballroom Dancing, and we don’t even go dancing, but one of our enjoyments in life and favorite treats is to go to occasionally stop in at Starbucks and have a nice hot and always flavorful Latte . When I’m super busy and need a pick me up, I love having the option of driving thru and buying a warm cup of much needed energy . Starbucks is known world wide and anybody who has not heard the name must not be living near civilization. With more than 20k stores and millions of satisfied customers, Starbucks Coffee is definitely part of our Pop Culture today 🙂


My Favorite Toy :



Okay, its not a Slinky ( thank goodness ) but it is a 7″ tablet that I use everyday without fail. I can do so many things on my little mini computer including my favorite game called Word Chums. It means a lot to me that I can enjoy a fun and educational game with my daughter- good stuff! Tablets are hugely popular in todays world and rarely do you see someone without their face in some kind of electronic device. With an estimated 90 million tablet users in the U.S> today I think it is safe to say that the Tablet is part of today’s Pop Culture !


Now that I have laid out Mom’s favorite Pop Culture items and My Own, it is obvious that times were simpler in the 1960’s vs 2014 and our values have definitely changed. Albeit 1960’s rock and roll was considered a bit wild, it was a far cry from some of today’s music which can be a bit over the top and at times crude and deliver a negative message. Comparing the popular fashion statements , back then most members of society seemed to have more pride in the way they dressed which was more conservative and less racy or ultra casual, like the way some people dress today. In regards to entertainment, a family movie together at The Drive In outside took more effort vs sitting on the couch watching a movie that all one has to do is take a walk to the mailbox or order it from the remote. Even the Ballroom Dancing was a somewhat elegant type of entertainment vs dancing to a DJ in a bar who plays an assortment of sometimes inaudible and loud so called music. Our super busy schedules in today’s worlds sometimes need a little help getting accomplished, and what better way than to grab a jolt of java…Back in Mom’s day people were not so overscheduled and overworked that they needed that extra cup of coffee to get through the day . And then there are the toys of today , most of which are electronic based- even the 5 year olds ( or younger ) have access to a computer or an I pad of some kind to play games instead of an actual toy . All in all, society seemed to be more active in the 1960’s and people got out more for good, clean fun and entertainment. No wonder Mom has such fond memories 🙂





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