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If you have not heard the term GLUTEN FREE lately , then you have been living under a rock ! This site has many Gluten Free Recipes which is extremely popular these days ( and necessary ) for more and more people who discover they need this type of diet. I also love this blog because I love good healthy food and the bloggers for Love and Lemons are inspired by colorful seasonal produce which is my fave and I don’t always know what to do with the newest batch of fruits and veggies that appear in the old grocery store. The husband and wife team create the mostly vegetarian recipes  together and then photograph them in their kitchen in Austin, TX. and Almost every recipe has at least a squeeze of lemon , hence the name Love and Lemons. Healthy food is becoming more popular in today’s world and our society is becoming more health conscious . Not everybody is into junk or fast food , me included! This husband and wife team have put together a nice website with yummy sounding recipes and delicious looking pictures. Wife Jeannie loves to cook and hubby Jack loves to taste test.The blog has also received some pretty impressive accolades since its 2011 launch including : being featured in media outlets such as Redbook Magazine, Food 52, Refinery29 and SELF Magazine. Love & Lemons was recently named 2014 Readers Choice Best Cooking Blog by Saveur Magazine. Wow !

Here are their latest recipes and all I can say is yum !


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