Letter to The Editor

The editorial I chose to analyze is in The Arizona Republic Newspaper titled :




Letter to The Editor :

First and foremost, as a mother of two, a hard working taxpayer, and someone who works with young special ed kids, I have to express my disgust and heartbreak at the reports of what has been going on in our child welfare system. How can this happen ? I find it inexcusable and extremely unfair that we can not somehow find the money the state of Arizona needs to keep our most precious and vulnerable citizens, our children, safe from neglect and abuse. But there always seems to be plenty of billions to send to foreign countries , most of whom despise us! Yes, Clarence Carter should be fired because he is at the top and supposed to be in charge, and his claim of ignorance is absolutely no excuse. Even if we chose to believe he was not aware of what has happening within the agency, he should still be held responsible and accountable for the mess, something that unfortunately never seems to happen in government these days !

I sent my letter to the editor and here is the link :


saving az kids

Really? They might want to change their logo ! 😦


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