Movie Poster Comparison

I chose the movie King Kong to compare movie posters.

Kingkongposter     King Kong remake

The impressions I get from the movie posters when comparing are : The original movie poster from 1933 is more like a cartoon and the 2005 remake appears to be much more realistic, like it could be an actual photograph. The original poster shows a far fetched scene with King Kong on top of the Empire State Building with an airplane in one hand, and the famous object of the giant gorilla’s obsession , Ann Darrow, in the other. In contrast, The remake poster shows King Kong in the jungle and gives the impression that he is simply surviving with a beautiful  woman walking around fearfully in his vicinity.

The cartoonish characters element contributes to my impression that the original movie is complete fantasy and could never occur. The cartoon itself ,with King Kong grabbing the plane and the girl, while climbing The Empire State Building, gives the impression that King Kong angrily invaded human space and wreaked havoc on one of our most famous American cities. To the contrary, the element of the realistic looking pictures of the remake, as absurd as it might sound, contribute to the impression that even though it is not logical , that King Kong could actually be a reality. The setting of King Kong in the misty jungle also gives the impression that he was somehow torn away from the only home he has ever known, and that that King Kong is minding his own business,s and is the one who is going to be  removed from his habitat by uncaring humans.

Between the 2 posters, The aspect of King Kong’s magnificent size and scariness is consistent and has not changed , nor has the obvious need for the giant gorilla to keep close and protect the lovely lady he is fascinated with. The location setting has changed from the original poster where he is clinging onto a tall building, to a scene in the remake poster where King Kong is living in a misty jungle atmosphere. Both posters are consistent in the fact that they have very little verbiage or description about the movie on the poster, and rely heavily on the larger than life image of King Kong in comparison to a woman, to capture the attention of would be movie goers. Both posters consistently show the name KING KONG  in capitol letters, with the font on the remake poster appearing to be slightly more sophisticated looking.The original poster uses lettering large enough so you can see the names of the actors, but the remake has changed to much smaller lettering when listing the stars names , I believe they do this because the producers want to showcase that KING KONG is the star of the movie !

The original movie poster was designed to appeal to its audience by presenting it as a thriller, a monster type horror flick, kind of like Godzilla – something to be feared .The remake poster was altered to appeal to a more mature and level headed type of audience. I mean, who in their right mind believes that a giant gorilla could scale the Empire State Building with girl in hand?

A giant gorilla hanging out in a jungle setting oblivious to his impending doom is a far more believable scenario!


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